About us


My name is Adeline. I am the founder of Tree of Colors. 

Tree of Colors was actually born in November 2017. I was living in London back then and I was between jobs for a month. I was so depressed of my all black-grey-white flat. I needed colors and a purpose in my life. 

While waiting for a friend to get drinks, I bought a home decor book by Justina Blakeney, a maximalist American designer. By the time I arrived at the pub, I knew what I wanted to do. 

I took my first flight ticket to Marrakech in April 2018 and it all started there. Although I had big dreams about getting items from everywhere in the world, I realized that I mostly needed partners I could trust and building trust takes time. Over the years, I have strengthened my relationships with my artisans and friends in Morocco and I am so grateful to have met them. It's a very small business as I only work with a few people but I know that at least, our partnership makes the difference for both sides. 

All our products are handmade in different regions of Morocco. I also design custom-made rugs, cushions and so on. The poufs and cushions are made from old rugs that deserved a second life, by my wonderful artisan in Marrakech, a family man with 2 kids. I have known him since my very first trip to Marrakech and I certainly wouldn't be here without him.  

In September 2022, I finally quit my comfortable 9-to-5 job to take care of Tree of Colors full time. Now I have got the time to create new rugs specially for you and to look for wonders that you've never seen before. 

I hope that what makes the difference at Tree of Colors is the customer service I can offer you. As a former Customer Experience Analyst for the past 6 years or so, my sole motivation is to be best in class in terms of customer satisfaction. Long story short, I'll do my best to make you happy :)